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Casentinese Pozzi
Casentinese Pozzi is Leader in the realization of wells since 1977 in Arezzo
I Nostri Mezzi
Casentinese Pozzi is Leader in the realization of wells since 1977 in Arezzo
Casentinese Pozzi
Drilling wells, Bleeding, cleaning wells, maintenance and Video inspections in Florence, Arezzo, Siena and Perugia

The Company

Founded in 1977, and then with more than 35 years of experience, our company has strong capillarity in Tuscany Umbria Marche.

All these years we have used the knowledge to find the latest technologies and have machines that can work anywhere and land.

Our materials are always better quality ones and compulsory certificates.

We have the right equipment for every need, which allows us to meet the deadlines.

Finally we work in harmony with nature, not using drilling methods are highly polluting and faithfully following the safety regulations in the pipeline, thus ensuring safety to our customers.
Drilling, bleeding, Purging wells, maintenance and Inspection in Florence, Arezzo, Siena and Perugia

Casentinese Wells
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